Creative Solutions Award

This award recognizes a KSU staff member within the CAO division who upholds the “Creative Solutions” core value, which means they are an excellent problem-solver who bring innovation to all situations. 


  • Has been employed at the University for more than one year.
  • Has had no disciplinary concerns within the last twelve months.
  • Has received an overall evaluation rating from their manager of either a “Superior” or “Exemplary” level (either a 4 or 5 overall).

Additionally, the ideal candidate should possess these characteristics:

  • They use creative problem-solving skills on a daily basis to address workplace challenges.
  • They are innovative and unafraid of trying new things.
  • They are unsatisfied with the status quo and regularly look for new ways to improve.
  • They use their creative problem-solving skills to help not only their team, but also outside departments, students, and the KSU community.
  • They have provided at least one creative solution to a problem impacting the KSU community.

Nomination Requirements

  1. In addition to the nomination form, please include at least one letter of support from either a coworker, past or present supervisor, student, internal or external stakeholder, faculty member, or staff in an outside department. If you are not the nominee's direct supervisor, providing a letter from their direct supervisor is encouraged.
  2. Letters of support must provide evidence the candidate meets or exceeds the above qualifications.
Nomination Form


Recognition by the division at the annual meeting, $25 KSU Bookstore gift card and free meal voucher for Chick-fil-A.